General booking conditions

1. All reservations are personal and cannot be transferred. Arrival times before 6.30 pm in July and August, from 2 pm to 5 pm outside these periods (please note that after this time, as the reception is closed for check-in, you will not be able to access your accommodation until the following day).

1.1 Bookings of more than 7 nights: our online booking system does not always allow for bookings of more than 7 nights (on some accommodations), or for multiple rentals you will have to make a second booking, more if necessary. (no basket).

2. The reservation is effective as soon as you pay for your stay via the secure payment system available on By paying for your reservation, you declare that you have read and accepted the general conditions of sale. ATTENTION the 50% deposit is only a pre-reservation which only commits us mutually for the 3 ½ days of your stay. At any contractual end only the integrality of the payment one month in advance will guarantee you completely of your stay which will be then confirmed to you.

The client must pay 100% of the amount 30 days before arrival.

3. On the date of your reservation, you have a withdrawal period* except for stays within one month of the reservation : the order is an ACQUIRED reservation and obviously for a stay from one day to the next, within a week or a fortnight and this up to 4 weeks before the date of the stay .... An "arrangement" of postponement can be concluded with the management. Otherwise the delay is 7 days* (full refund in this case).

Less than 15 days before arrival and within 30 days: you are liable for the full amount of your stay. Obviously no refund will be made. YOU LOSE the totality of your stay which must have been paid.

More than 31 days before arrival and less than 40 days before arrival: a cancellation fee of 50% of the stay will be charged. Reimbursement of 50% of the stay in case of
of justified force majeure (PHYSICAL accident with incapacity, death .....)

More than 41 days and less than 60 days before arrival: you will be charged a cancellation fee (around 25 euro) and 30% of the amount of the stay; therefore a refund of 70% of the stay + 25 euro fee as well as any fees related to the refund (transfer fees or additional PayPal) and proof required.

More than 61 days before arrival: the entire stay is refundable only from 2 months and 1 day before the arrival of your stay. Refund without justification but withholding of a cancellation fee of about 20 euro as well as any costs related to the refund (transfer fees or additional PayPal).

Note: Fees generated when booking online via Paypal are never refunded.

4. For rentals: in case of reservation by phone or email, the balance of the reservation must be paid at the latest 30 days before the arrival date without any reminder from us. The arrivals on the rented accommodation must be done from 3 pm and BEFORE 6 pm. If you arrive later than this, you will lose the day's rental and we will not be able to move you in until the following day. ATTENTION FOR THE DEPARTURES they are done only between 9H and 11H. No check out can be done the day before for an early departure the next day. Impossible to check out.

5. For rentals : On arrival you will be asked to leave a deposit of at least €800 (depending on the type of accommodation) and up to €1500 which will be returned to you at the end of your stay, minus any cleaning and repair costs. Cleaning is not part of the rental service. However, you will find a clean accommodation. You must return it in the same condition for the future tenant to enjoy.

6. For pitches: Reservations can only be paid by telephone or e-mail: or directly from our website. No reduction or deduction will be made for late arrival or early departure. Pitches must be vacated by 12 noon, after which time the day is due. You must also arrive before 6pm to set up your pitch during the high season (July-August). And before 5.30 p.m. during the other months of opening. Beyond this time, we can no longer guarantee that your reservation will be kept and you will lose your deposit.
6. Bis: when you receive your quotation (rarely) a pitch number may be given to you for information purposes; this number is not contractual and may fluctuate in order to optimise the installation schedule.

7. The amounts of the camping stays are payable in full on the day of arrival. No reduction will be granted in case of late arrival or early departure. Payments for accommodation must be made in full one month before your arrival. No contract will be valid unless you respect your contractual obligations.

8. The campsite has taken out civil liability insurance (GAN Assurance)

9. Online reservations - Secure payment
The validation of your reservation is done by the online payment of your stay (deposit or totality) via the secure module PAYPAL. It is not necessary to have a Paypal account to use this system, you just have to click on the link "You don't have a Paypal account" to use your usual credit card.
You can also pay by cheque or bank transfer but, in this case, your payment must be received within 3 days, after this date your booking request will be cancelled.

The campsite cannot be held responsible for computer breakdowns, general internet outages, strikes, storms, fires or other serious hindrances.

No refunds will be made for stays in progress due to an EARLY DEPARTURE, rain, or any other reason

10. All campers are required to comply with the campsite rules and regulations.

Rules of Procedure

1. Conditions of admission and stay
To be admitted to enter, settle or stay at LODGING LE LAC, you must have been authorised by our manager or his representative. The latter is obliged to ensure that the campsite is kept in good order and that the present internal regulations are respected.

Staying at LODGING LE LAC implies acceptance of the provisions of these rules and the commitment to comply with them. No one is allowed to take up residence here. Proper dress is required. Visitors are only accepted with the permission of the reception. Any extension of a visit must be paid respectfully at the reception desk.

2. Police formalities
Minors who are not accompanied by their parents will only be admitted with written authorisation from their parents. A form is sent to you and must be handed to us on arrival.
In application of article R. 611-35 of the Code de l'Entrée et du Séjour des Etrangers et du Droit d'Asile (Code on the Entry and Residence of Foreigners and the Right of Asylum), the manager is required to have the foreign guest fill in and sign an individual police form on arrival. It must mention in particular:
1° Surname and first names;
2° Date and place of birth;
3° Nationality;
4° Habitual residence. Telephone and e-mail

Children under 15 years of age may be included on the record of one of the parents.

3. Installation
The outdoor accommodation and related equipment must be installed at the indicated location in accordance with the instructions given by our manager or his representative.
Special feature: electrical connections are subject to authorisation AND payment. Some accommodations only support small capacities (stilts, mobile tent, bivouac, cop camp, ...) and therefore exclusively for lighting and mobile phone charging. Adding a fridge, heating or cooling elements is not allowed. No wild connections will be tolerated.

4. Reception office
Open from 9.00 am to 12.30 pm - 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm in July and August and 9.30 am to 12.00 pm - 2.00 pm to 5.30 pm in the other months from April to October. Arrivals MUST take place within the opening hours. The actual taking of the rental cannot be done before 3pm because of the sanitary precautions of Covid.
Outside these hours you will not be able to dispose of your rental. It is up to you to plan your travel time to your destination.

Departures are NOT anticipated the day before (they are useless in case of theft or damage). Once you have checked out, the accommodation is CLOSED behind you. Departure times are only from the opening of the office until 11am
. At the reception office you will find all the information about the services of LODGING LE LAC, the possibilities of refreshments, the sports facilities, the tourist attractions in the area and various addresses that may prove useful.

A system for collecting and handling complaints is available to customers.

5. Dogs are allowed on the land part of the campsite, but only on a leash and with an up-to-date vaccination certificate; but ABSOLUTELY not in the accommodation (for simple hygiene on the WOODEN floor).
File studied by case. Dogs allowed are quiet and without disturbance for the neighbourhood.
On the other hand you should leave the lodging without refund.
We have semi-domesticated RABBITS, in freedom. If one of your animals or you yourself accidentally kill, even
one of your animals, it will cost you a flat rate of 1200 EURO.

6. Display
These rules and regulations are displayed at the entrance to LODGING LE LAC and at the reception desk. It is given to each client who requests it. The prices of the various services are communicated to customers under the conditions set by order of the Minister of Consumer Affairs and can be consulted at the reception desk.

7. Departure arrangements
Guests are requested to inform the reception office of their departure the day before. Clients who have not paid for their stay via the Internet or by telephone and who intend to leave before the opening time of the reception desk must pay for their stay the day before. A deposit will be left for the inventory of fixtures.

8. Noise and silence
Guests are requested to avoid any noise and discussion that may disturb their neighbours. Sound equipment should be adjusted accordingly. Doors and trunks should be closed as quietly as possible. Dogs and cats should never be left at large, but kept on a lead or tied up. They must not be left at LODGING LE LAC, even locked up, in the absence of their owners, who are civilly responsible for them. The manager ensures the peace and quiet of his clients by setting times during which there must be total silence (on pain of exclusion WITHOUT reimbursement) and financial compensation for any neighbours in default.

9. Visitors
After having been authorised by the manager or his representative, visitors may be admitted to LODGING LE LAC under the responsibility of the campers receiving them. The client may receive one or more visitors at the reception desk. The services and facilities of LODGING LE LAC are accessible to visitors. However, the use of these facilities may be subject to a charge according to our tariffs displayed at the reception desk.
Visitors' cars are not allowed on the site.

10. Traffic and parking
Inside the LODGING LE LAC, vehicles must drive at a limited speed. Traffic is authorised from 9.30 am to 9.30 pm in exceptional cases: only to settle in, drop off shopping, load and pack up equipment.
A few RARE pitches have a car space (disabled access) so you must leave your vehicle on the OUTSIDE car park.
At the lodging we favour nature (free roaming rabbits) rather than 4-wheelers, so you cannot
park in the grounds.
Authorised vehicles (PRM) must have the sticker given to you on arrival.
The indoor car park is only available for arrivals or for exceptional guests
who have paid for parking.

11. Behaviour and appearance of the facilities
Everyone is required to refrain from any action that could harm the cleanliness, hygiene and appearance of the LODGING LE LAC and its facilities, particularly sanitary facilities. It is forbidden to throw waste water on the ground or into the gutters. Clients must empty waste water into the facilities provided for this purpose. Household refuse, waste of any kind, paper, must be deposited in the bins and containers provided for this purpose. ATTENTION Selective sorting. Washing is strictly forbidden outside the bins provided for this purpose.

If necessary, the laundry will be hung in the communal drying room. However, it is tolerated until 10 am in the vicinity of the accommodations, provided that it is discreet and does not disturb the neighbours. There are drying racks at almost every pitch. It should never be done from the trees.

Plantations and floral decorations must be respected. It is forbidden to put nails in trees, to cut branches, to make plantations. It is not permitted to mark out the location of an installation by personal means, nor to dig up the ground.

Any damage to the vegetation, fences, grounds or facilities of LODGING LE LAC will be charged to the person responsible. The pitch used during the stay must be maintained in the same condition as the camper found it on arrival. We insist on this point for pitches in winter storage.

On the rentals with a varnished wooden floor (less than 3m²): orioles, lorises, lumpets, linnets, litorne. You are requested to remove your shoes
. Any damage to the floor will result in the costly repair of the
No graffiti or posters will be tolerated. On pain of repairing the equipment, you will be charged.

12. Safety
a) Fire.
Open fires (wood, coal, etc.) are strictly forbidden. Stoves must be kept in good working order and not used in dangerous conditions. In the event of fire, notify the management immediately. Fire extinguishers can be used if necessary. A first aid kit is available at the reception desk.
b) Theft.
The management is responsible for the objects deposited at the office and has a general obligation to "watch over" LODGING LE LAC; but is in no way responsible for thefts committed inside the campsite. The camper remains responsible for his own installation and must report the presence of any suspicious person to the manager. Guests are advised to take the usual precautions to safeguard their equipment. They must provide a copy of their caravan insurance.

13. Games
No violent or disturbing games may be played in the vicinity of the facilities. The meeting room may not be used for boisterous games. Children must always be under the supervision of their parents.

14. Dead storage and winter storage
Unoccupied equipment may only be left on the site with the agreement of the management and only in the location indicated. This service is subject to a charge, is nominative and is only carried out by contract.

15. All stays must be paid for on arrival. The same applies to winter storage. No credit is accepted. The non-payment of a camper within a week will result in his dismissal. Facilities left on site without payment will be automatically removed and disposed of at the expense of the offender.

16. Selective sorting
You will certainly like our region for its wild and preserved nature. We militate for an active vigilance of our environment, help us and participate in this preservation. Let's be eco-responsible even with the smallest gestures. GLASS is collected, PLASTICS are collected in the YELLOW bins, PLASTICS (we have made wooden bins for PLASTICS collected for PRM), another separate receptacle awaits LIEGE CANDLES, and used BATTERIES, for your FOOD waste (vegetable and fruit peelings, coffee grounds, the end of pasta, Chips ...), please use the WOODEN COMPOSTER at the entrance, on the cement platform.
For all other waste, a CLASSIC BIN is available near the bar with the brown lid. Thank you for your active participation.
PS : our hens will be delighted with your food (bread, rice, pasta .....) as well as greens or peelings for the little rabbits

17. Infringement of the internal regulations
In the event that a resident disturbs the stay of other users or does not respect the provisions of these internal regulations, our manager or his representative may orally or in writing, if he deems it necessary, give notice to the latter to cease the disturbance. In the event of serious or repeated infringement of the rules and regulations and after formal notice from our manager to comply with them, the latter may terminate the contract and proceed with exclusion. In the event of a serious offence, our manager may call in the police.


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